Birthday Blog – 25 and Alive!

I appreciate not so many people will be as interested in this blog as it’s slightly different from the usual ‘These are the things I’ve learnt and this is what I’d like to share with you’ and it’s all about me – real superficial I know, complete libra style x

If you can’t already tell from the obvious blog title, last week I turned 25 and although it terrified me to death, it was a lot more gratifying than past birthdays. Last year in my previous relationship, all we did was argue and so for my birthday meal with my friends, I had to put on a false smile and fake my way through the evening when all I wanted to do, was to break down in tears in the bathroom.

Sam and I loved up in Mailbox

THIS YEAR HOWEVER! My boyfriend made me feel like a princess from morning until evening and whilst the idea of wearing a mask with a full face of makeup wasn’t ideal, it was hand on heart one of the best birthdays to date.

Now I’m not speaking from a materialist point of view – It was one of the best birthdays to date because I was so overwhelmed with genuine love and appreciation inclusive of my friends, family and other half. It was the first birthday where I haven’t had to organize things myself i.e. checking availability, booking tables, etc.

Originally I did have plans to have a big birthday meal with a load of my friends in a nice restaurant somewhere but then the rule of six came out – cheers boz and of course my plans could no longer go ahead.

How Adorable

My boyfriend – I think I oughta be using his name by now Sam, knew I was a little disheartened by this and decided to make my actual birthday so much more special in order to compensate.

On the night of my birthday eve, Sam came with a bunch of balloons; white, pink and confetti with different coloured ribbons, white, pink and rose gold. He stood there and blew up every single balloon and tied the ribbons on to the bottom of them, stuck them up and after two hours I had a balloon filled ceiling…

Along with the balloon blowing, I heard a load of rustling and noise downstairs and my mom and Sam speaking in hushed tones which as you can imagine was very exciting, (I felt like a child again on Christmas Eve waiting up on the stairs for Santa) and I was ordered not to go downstairs until the following morning and woke up to this…

My Balloon Display

I cried four times that morning. Once was from my best friend’s birthday message, another was because of the card from Sam, the third time was because of the amazing balloon display and the last time was reading the card from my nan which explained that ‘It does not seem like 25 years that she’d held me in her arms as a baby’. Is it normal to be more emotional as you get older?

With the eyelash glue stinging my eyes from the tears, I knew how loved I was in those very moments from the people that meant the most.

My birthday was beautiful. I was captivated by the amount of effort Sam put in. We had a table booked at Shogun – Teppanyaki in the cube which was for 6pm in the evening but was surprised when Sam told me to get dressed early as he wanted to take me for a few cocktails before hand.

Also a part of my Balloon Display

He explained it was a last minute booking and didn’t have many places available to book but had managed to get a table for 4pm at TurtleBay. We got to TurtleBay and we both had one of each cocktail; a Sidechick Martini and a Reggae Rum Punch. I didn’t seem like we were there for very long before the cocktails kicked in and we were all over each other.

I had a few cocktails and I was ready for my pics. Isn’t it weird how much confidence you inherit when you have a bit to drink? Sam stated that he wasn’t going to stop taking pictures until I loved one and so we spent our extra time between bookings, taking pictures until I was satisfied with my perfect Instagram upload.

Cube Waterfront

We paraded through the mailbox with eyes staring, as I had on diamanté mesh trousers and Sam wasted no time in recording me from all angles and taking pictures of me on the bannister, walking up the stairs and outside the waterfront. I usually cringe with that much attention so full on but I admit, I was completely and utterly absorbed by it. I felt like a total princess, a celebrity even.

I had heard some good reviews from a few people who said that Shogun was real nice and so I was quite excited to try the food as we had a five course meal booked. The customer service was great and the food did not disappoint. I wish I actually had pictures of my food but to tell you the truth, we were both so hungry by the time we arrived that we recorded quick videos for the socials and then tuck straight in. We were served the first starter which consisted of a salad with Japanese mayonnaise – (it tasted like a really nice salad cream). I’m not sure if I was just starving or if the dressing was just really tasty but Sam literally had to tell me to put it down when they served the other starter as I just could not stop eating it!

The next starter that they served up was half a spring roll with a chicken satay kebab – Oh my lord! They cook with some stunning flavors. Shortly after, we had the food cooked infront of us. This involved the chef throwing eggs onto the heat and shouting “It’s a boy!” “This one’s a girl” He was quite comical tbh whilst we watched our food cook. He asked if anyone wanted to see if they could catch the egg in their mouth and of course Sam wanted to do this and much to my surprise he actually got it in!

Fine Dining with Bae in Shogun

The mains included; Salmon, Prawns, Chicken, Fried Rice and also Beansprouts. It was a refreshing change to see the food being cooked and then served straight onto your plate. It’s just weirdly satisfying to know how fresh and clean the food is that you’re eating. All of the food was cooked to perfection. The Salmon was cooked in a beautiful sauce and the chicken was cooked so tender. The only critic I have is that the rice could have had a bit more flavour, as the other foods were so tasty it just made the rice taste slightly bland that’s all, but other than that, I don’t have a bad word to say. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone, it totally out-weighed my expectations.

It seemed that the theme for the evening was Glitz and Glamour by the attire that we wore and the fine dining that we indulged in, so it felt only right to finish the evening splashing some cash at the casino. I’d never been to a casino before so this was a new experience for me. It wasn’t as flashy or lavish as I’d imagined from watching movies but it was good experience regardless. We sipped on our cokes as we had had enough alcohol for the night and put some money on the roulette table. We won, lost, won, lost and then left. The night was completed by taking a late night drive to Clent Hills to enjoy the beautiful views of the lights over the hills, a perfect end to a perfect evening.

As I mentioned earlier, as well as being wined and dined on my birthday, I did have food and drinks booked with my friends that annoyingly, had to be cancelled.

I’m aware that majority of people didn’t get to celebrate their birthday this year commencing from the end of March so some Pisces(early-mid march), Aries, (Late March-April) Taurus, (May) Gemini’s (June) and then I think restrictions started to ease up slightly for Cancer’s (July), Leo (August) and Virgos (Sept) – (Astrology Nerd) and I’m not moaning because compared to most above, I was actually able to have plans arranged and at the very least get out the house.

My Birthday Cake made by nan – with edible flowers.

What I am moaning at though is the uncertainty of it all. Like us libras aren’t already indecisive enough – (of the most indecisive signs of the zodiac).

What I mean by that is, most people knew they either could or couldn’t celebrate their birthday due to lockdown restrictions but being the typical libra season that it is, we didn’t know if we could or couldn’t, which meant that booking plans was very up in the air. When Boris announced the rule of six, I had an email from the restaurants I had enquired at to say that they were no longer accepting a booking of my size. I then informed everyone who was supposed to come and some people told me to book two tables of 6 instead, which still meant that I would have to uninvite people which I certainly was not going to do. I mean, how do you pick between friends?

With that in my mind, I came down with the birthday blues and had it in my head that I was going to stay in like the majority of the UK had because it seemed like the easiest thing to do.

I was turning 25 and I would spend my birthday celebrations in my house, probably watching Netflix and eating a Chinese take away. How did I go from having plans at a fancy restaurant to now staying indoors with a take out?

Once again another blog slating Rona, and Boris’ inability to make a firm solid decision and stick to it.

My friend Amanda who is one of my longest and closest friends said that although I no longer wanted to go out anymore, she at least wanted to see me on either the weekend before or after my birthday for a cute girl’s night and so we arranged to just do that instead.

Beautiful Hamper from my Best Friend

Amanda had made a beautiful hamper that included my favorite things along with some unexcepted snacks and goodies. It included things like cocktail cans, a self-care book for libra, wax melts and so many more things that I’m slowly making my way through.

This is when it started to feel like my birthday! I have always been that person who prefers thoughtful, sentimental gifts rather than materialistic ones and all the thought and preparation that had gone into this, meant the world to me.

ALSO, I was speaking to Amanda a few weeks before about wanting to try melted white chocolate and strawberries as I had never tried it before. Low and behold, Manda included a pack of white chocolate buttons, strawberries, kebab skewers and bought over her chocolate machine in order to fulfill my long awaited fantasy. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about wanting to try this but I can tell you now that I have, that I will NEVER go back to eating melted milk chocolate again!

My friends are the best type of people. I was pretty set on not celebrating my birthday out anymore when Leah urged that I do this as it had already been a pretty crap year and the people that had previously been invited to my birthday meal would understand that I was limited in what I could do, given the circumstances. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t really be bothered booking something again incase of new restrictions coming into play (which it did) and me getting more frustrated, so opted out.

Mandy and I in TurtleBay

A few days after, Leah messaged me to say that she had been having a look at something small and intimate to do in order to celebrate and had come across a Bottomless Brunch at TurtleBay for two hours (I had never been to TurtleBay before and went twice in my birthday week) This included a meal from the brunch menu and most importantly any unlimited cocktails for a 2 hour period. Leah then proceeded to tell me she would book this (whether I liked it or not) and to invite four of my closer friends and we would have a day out drinking which we certainly did.

I don’t even remember this photo, Charlie, Me, Amanda & Leah (Tanya behind the cam!)

The brunch was booked for Saturday 17th October and Boris announced further restrictions on 12th October to say that we could not go out to public places (unless it was to beer gardens) if it’s not with people from your household.

At this point, I really did not give a shite about these damn restrictions and I’m pretty sure others were feeling the same way too. I had already cancelled once and it wasn’t happening again so we all prepared the “We’re in the same accom” speech ready for the objection handling when we got there. Charlie had to ask her friend from university her address so we had all the information prepared.

Leah & I in Las Iguanas

The ‘Fake it til’ you make it’ plan was devised and ready to go however much to our surprise was really not needed. We didn’t get asked any intrusive questions about how we were in the same household as they seemed to be satisfied with a quick yes when they asked us if we were.

This made the day work out SO perfectly as we got to go to every bar booked without any issues or hesitation and we could get as drunk as we wanted without having to think twice! I couldn’t have chosen a better group of friends to go out with.

The group of girls I went out with haven’t been around each other before, bar two who are already friends and so I was kind of anxious bringing them together as you don’t always know if they will gel together well or if the conversation will flow and so that was always in the back of mind but throughout the day, I whole-heartedly was so content and comfortable about everyone being together and this in succession made me have the best day/evening, it couldn’t have gone any better. (Well I think so, I was smashed when we left the first bar so…)

In TurtleBay – All I did was LAUGH

No seriously though, all I did that day was laugh.

I’ve never been much of a drinker and I know you don’t have to be in order to go out to bars for cocktails but it’s just never really been a bit of me. I think partly this is because when I did used to drink at parties or social gatherings when I was young, I was sick EVERYTIME which really put me off.

Now that I’m older and my stomach is a bit more mature, I can appreciate drinking a lot more.

The brunch at TurtleBay was real fun the only dampener was the rude waitress that had been assigned to our table, who in short basically told Amanda that she was not allowed to ask how long the cocktails were going to be because she was late herself, the cheek of it! The drinks could have came a little quicker tbf as you’re only allowed one drink at a time and then you have to wait for another one but that was probably a blessing in disguise for me at the time to be completely honest.

We finished off our night going to Leah’s local pub, downing shots and playing cupid with her and one of the bouncers which was a nice touch to end the night I must say.

So there we have it. My birthday this year was amazing and I’ve only got the people around me to thank for it. I guess the lesson that you can take from this blog is, if you have the right people in your life then you will always feel loved and blessed regardless what you end up doing. The right people will show up and prove their self to you and won’t ever leave you doubting whether they’re really down for you or not.

Until 2021 – TY so much for reading,

E x

Author: Elle Weaver

Written by Elleblogs, she offers readers a lighthearted look into her life by creating fun, unfiltered and honest blog posts which taps into the real life issues, joys and expectations we face as millennials. Elle Weaver is a 25 year old female of mixed heritage, based in Birmingham, England UK.

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